Press Release: Students Enthusiastic About Changes to Student Financial Assistance Presented in 2015 Ontario Budget

This blog is part one of a three part series exploring student-landlord relations in the neighbourhoods surrounding McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario.
Last year, I embarked on my journey to independence.
Well…I tried?
My first year living on campus away from home, was quite the change from my pampered family lifestyle. Bringing my garbage down the hall, reporting my clogged toilet to residence services, and walking over to Centro by myself, was about as much responsibility as I could take. When the time came to find a house to live in and sign my own lease, I could hardly stand with al …read more

As I sit here writing this, I have that ever-so-familiar feeling. I have just finished midterms but the worst has yet to come. My throat aches, I’m coughing, and I can’t go five seconds without sniffling. It’s the dreaded “exam flu” and I am self-diagnosing myself as afflicted.
I’m sure students across the province can sympathize. We work hard during midterm and paper season, and look forward to the much-needed nap (and night out on the town) afterwards. But the late nights, over-exertion, and stress can play a toll on our body and immune systems. Students need to put in effort to …read more

The most wonderful time of the year has returned as the final countdown has begun for the Fall 2015 General Assembly. This time around delegates from OUSA’s seven member schools will head to the University of Waterloo for the first GA of the school year. Waterloo is gearing up to host another fabulous group of delegates who will each bring their own innovative approach to the policies discussed throughout the weekend.
OUSA is a student driven organization which really epitomizes “by the people, for the people.” Students comprise the Steering Committee and the delegations that attend each …read more

TORONTO, November 10, 2015 – While most students in Ontario who identify as LGBTQ+ feel comfortable and included on campus, many still may experience service gaps in health care, struggle to find like-minded peers, and feel overlooked in their classrooms, according to a report published by the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance.
Over 300 undergraduate respondents from campuses around the province completed the survey last fall, the most ever for a survey specifically highlighting the university experience of Ontario LGBTQ+ students. The survey sought to better understand the satisfac …read more