Press Release: Students Enthusiastic About Changes to Student Financial Assistance Presented in 2015 Ontario Budget

June Recap from the President

Hi everyone,
After a few busy weeks on the job, it is with great surprise that I already turn to bid goodbye to my first month as OUSA President. Six weeks ago, I entered this role filled with anticipation and excitement, feelings which had grown during my two years as an OUSA Campus Researcher and an OUSA summer intern. As I enter July these feelings have continued to build, but they are now mixed with what I believe is a better understanding of OUSA’s inner workings, its advantages, and its challenges within the post-secondary sector. This new knowledge has better equipped the new Stee …read more

Nous vous souhaitons une bonne journée de Saint-Jean Baptiste! C’est une occasion quand nous pouvons célébrer la communauté franco-ontarienne et la francophonie.  De mon côté j’ai fait mon secondaire à l’École Secondaire Étienne-Brulé avant de continuer mes études à l’Université de Waterloo. L’étude du français a toujours été un élément important pour moi et l’opportunité était définitivement très cruciale pour mon développement comme citoyen. Bien que la plupart des étudiants en Ontario sont anglophones, il y a aussi beaucoup d’étudiants francophones …read more

My name is Read Leask and I am a Biology student at Queen’s University. I recently completed my second year of study at Queen’s and I am the Academic Affairs Commissioner at the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s this year. The role of Academic Affairs Commissioner allows me to participate on the OUSA Steering Committee in a non-voting advisory role. OUSA has a strong record of educated advocacy in the post secondary sector and as such, I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the organization this year!
My interest in student advocacy was sparked during my last year of hig …read more

My name is Christopher Fernlund and I am in my final year at Trent University, where I am completing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I was re-elected as Vice President of University Affairs for the Trent Oshawa Student Association, soon to be adapted as the Trent Durham Student Association. As VPUA, I represent all Trent University students at the Trent Durham campus, a satellite campus (or more colloquially known as an “alternative campus”) located in Durham Region. I have been told I was elected to propel the young TOSA from infancy to full maturity and with the help o …read more