Press Release: Students Enthusiastic About Changes to Student Financial Assistance Presented in 2015 Ontario Budget

As our very name indicates, OUSA, is a provincial advocacy organization for students. Our mandate does not extend to federal advocacy, and as such, we have chosen to remain largely uninvolved during federal elections (other than to encourage students to vote…seriously, have you registered yet??). With that being said, when it comes to post-secondary education and the student experience, federal decisions and resources can have a substantial impact. So we decided to write a long and complex blog about it.
We have taken a look at each party’s platform (or, in some instances, cobbled-toge …read more


Unmanageable student debt. Tuition is too high. Post-secondary isn’t as affordable as it used to be. If you attend a university in Ontario, chances are you’ve heard (or lived) one of these phrases before. Tuition has risen in Ontario for over three decades now, with student financial assistance rising but still not keeping pace. In addition, other cost pressures for students are rising as well. Housing, food, textbooks, and other ancillary costs are often not discussed when we talk about “net tuition” (the “real cost” of tuition to students after accounting …read more

September Update from the President

Hi everyone!
With students back and class schedules becoming habit (instead of a scavenger hunt), I think it’s fair to say that each of our campuses has seen huge changes in student life since just a month before. Welcome Weeks have added thousands of students to our ever-increasing university communities, while heightened on-campus life means more chances to engage students in campaigns, advocacy, events, and all the other work our student unions do. From OUSA’s perspective, September is undeniably one of our busiest weeks as well. As a result, I hope you find the following update …read more

One of our chief priorities this year is to advocate for legislation that grants appropriate autonomy to student associations in Ontario. Many may not know this, but universities are typically in charge of collecting student association (sometimes also referred to as student union) fees alongside other all other university fees- it streamlines administrative processes to have all the fees collected at once, and then passed on to the appropriate parties. But over the past few years, OUSA has been made aware of a number of instances of universities unilaterally withholding funds from student ass …read more