Press Release: Students Supportive of Ontario’s Investment in Campus Mental Health

As advocates for undergraduate students, part of our work at OUSA involves mentoring student leaders and empowering them to become their own advocates. It’s always rewarding to see our student leaders make real change on their campuses. This year, former Steering Committee member and VP Education at McMaster University, Rodrigo Narro Perez, was a key player in soliciting student feedback and publicizing McMaster’s new mental health and well-being strategy. I’d like to share his success today.
The impetus for this strategy actually came from a student-led initiative, the McMaster Student …read more


It’s that time of year again where we transition into our new year with an all new Steering Committee as our members begin their terms at their student associations!
The main purpose of Transition Conference is to introduce the new Steering Committee to how OUSA operates, what Home Office can do to help achieve the various goals everyone has set for their year, and to give everyone an idea of how the next year will unfold. While we can never know what the next twelve months will bring, we do know that there are some very important things that happen each year, like the ongoing renewal of our …read more

Hey everyone, I’m Amy Zhou, a Rhetoric/Economics and Business student from the University of Waterloo and the OUSA intern for summer 2015!
I’ve been involved in post-secondary education issues since my first day at the University of Waterloo, when residence move-in coincided with the date of the by-election for the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo. As part of outreach, the Vice-President Education of the Federation of Students and his Academic Affairs Commissioner were walking up and down the rows of the Village 1 cafeteria, encouraging first years to vote when they came to the table with my f …read more

April Update/Recap from the President

As always, another fast paced month at OUSA has come and gone. We had finished our 9th annual Partners in Higher Education Dinner where we were joined by students, staff, faculty and members of the provincial government to celebrate another year of partnership in the post-secondary education sector. This was a night where we could all celebrate our shared mission and think about new and creative ways to partner in the years ahead. Post-secondary education in Ontario is made better because of all the hard work of many different people in the sector, and without many moving parts, education in O …read more