Press Release: Students Support Ontario in Building the Youth Workforce Up

TORONTO, June 23rd, 2016 – Students are pleased with many of the recommendations within the Premier’s Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel Report Building the Workforce of Tomorrow: A Shared Responsibility, published today. The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) was included in the consultations leading up to this report, which offers recommendations that are in line with our recently updated Student Employment Policy.
“This report rightly emphasizes the goal of increasing experiential learning and mentorship opportunities for students from underrepresented groups within …read more

Hi everyone!
My name is Leah Brockie, and I am the Academic Affairs Commissioner in the Alma Mater Society at Queen’s University. I am the AMS’ advisory member on Steering Committee, meaning I do not vote, but I act as a resource to provide greater insight and information on academic issues. My entire portfolio is related to academics, so I spend a great deal of time reading about different aspects of the sector, and meeting with our administration to voice undergraduate needs and concerns. I am excited to use this knowledge and experience to provide informed contributions to Steering Comm …read more

Well hi there.
My name is Amanda Kohler and I am elated to have begun my career here in downtown Toronto as the Communications Director for the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance.
I recently completed my Master of Arts degree in Social Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University. Previous to that, I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Honours Psychology at the University of Western Ontario. In my years at Laurier, I volunteered with the Graduate Student’s Association (GSA) on almost every committee, worked as their Social Media Coordinator, and then later as their Assistant Vice Presiden …read more

My name is Colin Aitchison and I am excited to be sitting on OUSA’s 2016-17 Steering Committee!
I am entering my fifth year at Wilfrid Laurier University, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science. While at Laurier, I’ve had the opportunity to work in student government as both a volunteer in our University Affairs department and on our student executive team as Chair of the Board & Chief Governance Officer. These experiences allowed me to talk with students about their concerns as an undergraduate. As a member-driven organization, I feel this kind of dialogue …read more