Press Release: Students Enthusiastic About Changes to Student Financial Assistance Presented in 2015 Ontario Budget

At OUSA’s Home Office, we often start the morning by reading Alex Usher’s “One Thought To Start Your Day” blog- it’s been a ritual we’ve been able to revive after his summer hiatus. Earlier today, Usher shared his perspective on the release of the Council of Ontario Universities’ (COU) report on graduate outcomes two years after leaving school. COU had proudly tweeted the results, proclaiming  “Ontario survey finds that university grads are succeeding in the job market”. Usher took a slightly less sunny view of the numbers, calling his blog this morning “Some Basically Awf …read more

August Update from the President

What a busy and exciting time for OUSA! Things are barreling along for us, our member schools, and high school graduates across the province as Ontario universities ready themselves for the influx of new students to their campuses. Welcome Weeks, Frosh Weeks, Orientation Weeks (….whatever you want to call them) can often be a transformative experience for students, leaving a lasting impression of what their university will mean to them. Filled with concerts, events, speakers, and awareness initiatives, Orientation programming is a great way to introduce students to the culture of their r …read more

Over the first few months of my term, I have found myself grappling with the idea of change in the post-secondary education sector. Does the sector need to change to meet the current demands of society and if so, how? How easily can change be made at institutions of higher learning? How will universities change in response to sector-wide change?
While these questions are rather broad in scope, I believe this thought experiment is worth conducting. As institutions of higher learning respond powerfully to financial incentives, funding is typically at the core of all discussions centered on subst …read more

TORONTO, August 27, 2015 /CNW/ – The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) is proud to announce the release of Formulating Change: Recommendations for Ontario’s University Funding Formula Reform. In early 2015, the provincial government announced plans to conduct a review of the processes by which it allocates funds to universities, with the goal of developing a more “quality-driven, sustainable and transparent” model of distributing resources. OUSA’s submission contains student-centric and quality-based propositions on how Ontario can improve and modernize the funding framew …read more