Press Release: Students Supportive of Ontario’s Investment in Campus Mental Health


Formed in 1992, the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) is a non-profit advocacy organization that strives to effectively and responsibly represent Ontario’s full and part-time undergraduate students to lobby for an affordable, accessible, accountable and high-quality higher education system. In order to achieve these goals, OUSA provides research and policy solutions to government, organizes campaigns, communicates their priorities, and develops partnerships with post-secondary education sector stakeholders. With a membership of more than 140,000 undergraduate, professional full a …read more

Entitlement is a cardinal sin for Canadians. This is undoubtedly even more true for Canadian women, who are socialized to be polite and unassuming in an already self-effacing culture: we are the sorority of “sorry”. Despite Canada’s remarkable commitment to addressing collective inequity, it can get uncomfortable to talk openly about individual demands- to say, “I’m not getting my due”. But in order to rectify the persistent gendered wage gap in Canada, it’s crucial that we encourage young women to start saying just that.
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives calculates the …read more

A university’s Board of Governors makes decisions that affect student lives- yet for years, students have had to advocate for greater student representation in these high level forums. Too often, these efforts have little to no effect, as was identified in last November’s Accountability policy paper. Over time, these boards have been increasing their membership without duly considering the student voice. However, there is an element of responsibility that student representatives must shoulder in this waning position of power in university governance. It is important that students redouble …read more

Fostering Positive Faculty-Student Connections

When I think back to my past few years at Queen’s, there are specific memories and moments that have made my time here unforgettable – some funny, and others downright embarrassing. I have face-planted downtown after a long night out, camped out at the library for a few torturous all-nighters, and eaten a little too much late-night pizza with my best friends.
However, there are other moments that have taken me by surprise. I didn’t expect that a professor I had for one first-year course would become a valued mentor that I still keep in touch with, more than two years after I first walke …read more