Press Release: Feds Announce Change to Financial Assistance Assessment

Wage gaps in Ontario are not a new issue when one looks into our dark past of workplace and social inequalities in the province. Whilst progress has been made to alleviate these issues, there are emerging divides in the wage gap formula, which modern legislation must address if we’re ever to eliminate this divide.
Since the passing of the Pay Equity Act in 1987, the wage gap in Ontario has narrowed slightly from 36 per cent to 28 per cent for average annual earnings. This legislation, much like that of most Canadian provinces, focuses on addressing the discrimination aspect of women rece …read more

Municipal Case Study: Project LEARN

[W]hile the principle of population was considered to a very great extent, other considerations were also held to have weight; so that different interests, classes and localities should be fairly represented, that the principle of numbers should not be the only one. – Sir John A. Macdonald
Town-and-Gown is a term used to convey the relationship between universities/colleges and the communities in which they are located. Historically, interactions between post secondary institutions and local communities have been characterized as problematic. While communities and schools may share a communa …read more

April Message from the President

This week, OUSA held one of the most important events in its yearly calendar – our Partners in Higher Education Dinner. PiHED, as we call it at OUSA, is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize a year of partnership in advancing the post-secondary sector in Ontario. All politics and policy aside, it truly does take the partnership of an entire sector (students, government, faculty, and universities) to raise a first-year student through to graduation. Our Executive Director, Sean Madden, summed up the importance of this event when he said, on Tuesday night,
“I think that OUSA has alwa …read more

TORONTO, April 10, 2014 /CNW/ – The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) is proud to announce the release of Home Schooled: Municipal Affairs and the Student Experience in Ontario, the second report of the 2014 What Students Want Report Series. In November 2013, OUSA launched its biennial Ontario Post-Secondary Student Survey and received approximately 9,000 responses to a series of 140 post-secondary related questions. Today’s report launch examines the experiences undergraduate students have had living within their municipalities including housing quality, public transit, safety …read more