Press Release: Students Support Ontario in Building the Youth Workforce Up

No consequences for graduates, please

A disturbing proposal from members of a tech industry lobbying group, the Council of Canadian Innovators (CCI), has been making the rounds in Ontario recently. As reported a few weeks ago in the Globe and Mail, it seems that several CEOs associated with the organization have suggested that there should be policy in place to punish Ontario graduates who choose to leave the country for work.
According to them, Ontario invests heavily in higher education, so if graduates of “critical” programs choose to leave rather than joining the province’s workforce, they should be forced to pay extra, …read more

Rape Culture on Campus

By now, many of us have heard about the sexual assault that occurred at Stanford University, the perpetrator who got off easy in part because of his great swim times, and the victim statement that was read across the world. The story broke at a time when universities across Ontario are in the process of creating new policies regarding sexual violence. In March, the Provincial Government passed Bill 132, which requires universities to create new standalone policies addressing sexual violence on their campuses. As university administrators both at my own institution and across Ontario work to cr …read more

Presidential Update – July, 2016

Hi everyone!
Hopefully you are all enjoying these summer months and are finding creative ways to enjoy this wonderful heat we are having. It is hard to believe that OUSA’s steering committee has been together for 2 months. We have been hard at work preparing for a great year of post-secondary research, lobbying, and advocacy efforts. As this year’s President, I am thrilled to be writing monthly updates to you all – giving you the “ins and outs” of what we have been up to and what is potentially to come.
While it has only been a couple months, we have seen some great advances in the p …read more

A Collective Becoming: Investing in Mentorship

It’s that time of year again – the halfway point of summer vacation, where university students begin to anticipate the upcoming school year merely two months away. Soon they will be packing their bags, and university campuses will once again be buzzing with classes and events. The thought of returning to this familiar routine where I find myself balancing assignments and extra-curricular involvement, or attempting to find that healthy meal during the stress of exam season, has caused me to most recently reflect – how did I manage all of this on my own?
The halfway point of summer also ma …read more