Press Release: Students Supportive of Ontario’s Investment in Campus Mental Health

The Changing Face of Libraries

The sexy librarian who makes learning fun. The cranky librarian who gets pleasure out of saying “shhh.” The grandmotherly librarian who has a soft spot for children. Few institutions have as many stereotypes as libraries. And over the past century, few institutions have had to endure so much change in order to uphold the academy’s mission of strengthening teaching, learning, and research.
The heart of any academic entity has traditionally been the library; the place where knowledge is developed, stored, and retrieved. Libraries are often the oldest building on university campuses and the …read more

Equalizing Program Participation

As a current 4th year student at McMaster University, I have had the privilege of observing a beautiful campus with a wide variety of programs, ranging from social science, humanities, and creative arts programs to physical sciences, engineering, and technology-based programs. At first glance, it would seem that the gender ratio is distributed quite evenly throughout Canadian post-secondary institutions. Some raw numbers will help put this into perspective: according to Statistics Canada, in the 2008/2009 academic year, students who identify as female accounted for 55% of undergraduate student …read more

Meet our new Research Analyst: Danielle Pierre

Hello everyone! I am Danielle Pierre, the newest Research Analyst at the OUSA Home Office.
Professionally speaking, I am just starting my career in research and thus far, have chosen a fairly transitory path. I have received a graduate certificate from Humber College’s Research Analyst Postgraduate Program as well as a Bachelor’s degree from McMaster University where I majored in Communication Studies. Prior to attending Humber, and after getting my degree, I spent a year working in food service. I have also spent time working in business, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, and a brief st …read more

Repaying your student loans eh? It’s a pretty challenging monthly bill to tackle for a lot of people, but you have to do it. As much as paying your loans is rough, the consequences of not paying your loans is rougher.
There are a couple of reasons that a student might default on their loans. The most obvious is that they don’t have the money. However, a surprising number of students are also put off by the perceived complexity of the process, are unclear about the timelines, or just never get around to it. I’m going to describe some ways you can maybe work around that, and save yourself …read more