Press Release: Students Enthusiastic About Changes to Student Financial Assistance Presented in 2015 Ontario Budget

I miss my old student house. Although my room was super small, it had a spacious living room where I spent plenty of time writing papers and playing outdated versions of sports games with my housemates. Our landlord was great too – always responding quickly to any major or minor problems we needed to fix, always bearing gifts of 24s for all of us to share. I never really thought about the impact of having a good landlord until after a few of my housemates decided to leave – cutting us down to a group of four.
A quick house search led us to moving to the Ainslie Wood neighbourhood, south of …read more

Lease and Desist Part Two: A Positive Account

Throwback to this time last year: as a naïve first year I was just emerging from the haze of welcome week and the torment of midterms. What is my life? What is it to become? One of the emerging problems I saw on the horizon was finding a home for the next year. Having a less than optimal experience in my then-residence, I knew the importance of finding the right house, the right landlord, and the right people to live with. But how? I had only heard of housing horror stories of lice and centipede-infested walls ruled by a Disney-esque villainous landlord. Oh, the horror.
Fast-forward one year, …read more

This blog is part one of a three part series exploring student-landlord relations in the neighbourhoods surrounding McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario.
Last year, I embarked on my journey to independence.
Well…I tried?
My first year living on campus away from home was quite the change from my pampered family lifestyle. Bringing my garbage down the hall, reporting my clogged toilet to residence services, and walking over to Centro by myself, was about as much responsibility as I could take. When the time came to find a house to live in and sign my own lease, I could hardly stand with all …read more

As I sit here writing this, I have that ever-so-familiar feeling. I have just finished midterms but the worst has yet to come. My throat aches, I’m coughing, and I can’t go five seconds without sniffling. It’s the dreaded “exam flu” and I am self-diagnosing myself as afflicted.
I’m sure students across the province can sympathize. We work hard during midterm and paper season, and look forward to the much-needed nap (and night out on the town) afterwards. But the late nights, over-exertion, and stress can play a toll on our body and immune systems. Students need to put in effort to …read more