Press Release: Students Enthusiastic About Changes to Student Financial Assistance Presented in 2015 Ontario Budget

At the University of Waterloo, where I’m currently an Arts student, co-op is a way of life for a large segment of our student population: Jobmine (our job search & interview system) deadlines are scrawled in red in our calendars like doctor’s appointments; power suits hang on closet doors just waiting for their debut.
In many ways, co-op is like going to the gym: painful and awkward at the beginning (because you have no idea what the heck is going on), trying to appear accomplished while simultaneously sizing yourself up through covert sideways glances, but ultimately good for you in t …read more

July Update from the President

Greetings from OUSA!
As July wraps up, OUSA’s team is only starting to unpack one of the most productive weeks of our year: OUSA’s Strategic Planning Conference. This conference has traditionally been filled with a variety of different tasks for our Steering Committee and Home Office, including discussions and decisions on policy papers, campaigns, government submissions, and our annual priorities. It is also a week that emphasizes teambuilding and collaboration, with the mindset that OUSA’s goals can be best reached when each of our schools has a better understanding of our …read more

What Does a Queer-Friendly Campus Look Like?

It’s a clichéd reassurance given by teen movies and older relatives ad nauseum: that no matter what came before, university is meant to be a place where you can be yourself, be valued, find people that you like and even people who are like you… that university is a place to build both identity and community in an accepting environment. This ideal is even more significant for many students who identify as LGBTQ+; however, we know that too often, entrenched barriers and stigma prevent queer-identified students from feeling truly welcome or safe in their universities. In March, OUSA publishe …read more

Dear First Year Self,
Congratulations, you’ve survived your first week of university! Orientation Week can be an overwhelming experience but you’ve managed to navigate all of the busy-ness and make some great friends! Classes start tomorrow and your schedule is about to become even busier. Although this may seem like a daunting prospect, there are many different ways that you can cope with this new lifestyle!
Do you remember that big tent in the middle of Orientation Week? That was the Alma Mater Society, the central student government at Queen’s. When you talked to them you learned that …read more