Press Release: Students Supportive of Ontario’s Investment in Campus Mental Health

Repaying your student loans eh? It’s a pretty challenging monthly bill to tackle for a lot of people, but you have to do it. As much as paying your loans is rough, the consequences of not paying your loans is rougher.
There are a couple of reasons that a student might default on their loans. The most obvious is that they don’t have the money. However, a surprising number of students are also put off by the perceived complexity of the process, are unclear about the timelines, or just never get around to it. I’m going to describe some ways you can maybe work around that, and save yourself …read more

Research vs. Teaching – What is the right balance?

Whether it’s inspiration to explore a new field of study, or how much (or how little) we learned from the class, it is without a doubt that many of our professors have made an impact on our university experience. Professors and instructors teach us the course material and skills that comprise our formation and development as we go through the university system. Universities, by their very essence, are institutions where groundbreaking and innovating research occurs, which is also performed by the very instructors who are meant to teach us. Lately, there has been a large amount of discussion …read more

TORONTO, October 10, 2014 /CNW/ – The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) is supportive of today’s announcement by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities of $12 million for two additional years of funding for the Mental Health Innovation Fund. First created in 2012 by the provincial government, the Mental Health Innovation aims to support innovative approaches to on-campus mental health service delivery and encourages knowledge sharing and best practices between institutions, mental health care providers, and the government.
“The typical age of onset of many disord …read more

October Message from the President

Well it seems that September is already over! Each of our member schools had a whirlwind month as we welcomed our students back to campus and ran seven different orientation programs. September is also a busy month for OUSA itself, as we visit all of our campuses to inform students of our advocacy priorities of the year. Writing this blog post from McMaster, myself and the Home Office team have already visited Trent-Oshawa, Laurier, Waterloo, Western, Queen’s, McMaster and Brock. At each of these visits we have met with students to talk about what OUSA does for them and have sat down with ad …read more