Press Release: Students Supportive of Ontario’s Investment in Campus Mental Health

It must be a sign
OUSA held our 41st General Assembly last weekend, and thanks to our hardworking and sharp delegates, was a great success. All three papers (Tuition, Mature Students, and LGBTQ+ Students) passed plenary and are in their final stages of tweaking before being added to our policy library. For those who were there and want to reminisce, and for those who weren’t there and want to feel “in the know”, we have a brief recap of what exactly went down at Spring GA 2015.
We were thrilled to be at McMaster University for the spring GA, and Hamilton showed us a w …read more

March Update from the President

March is always a busy month for our student associations, and here at OUSA we have a lot of excitement approaching as well! This weekend, the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance will be welcoming students from across the province to work on passing our next round of policy papers. Hosted by the McMaster Student Union, delegates from across the province will engage in conversations about the future of tuition, as well as some of the specific challenges mature students and LGBTQ+ students may face.
The OUSA policy paper on tuition will focus on pragmatically engaging with the province’s ne …read more

International students choosing to study in Canada have some of the highest tuition of any student population in the country. In Ontario, an international student pursuing an undergraduate degree this year can expect to pay over 264 per cent more than their domestic counterparts thanks to high, deregulated international tuition. Given the ever-climbing tuition rates for international students, it must be asked: what student financial assistance is available to international students?
In some ways, this is a bit of a peculiar question to ask. Given the high cost of pursuing a degree in …read more

Armin Tells All: General Assembly Spring 2015

It’s an exciting time here at OUSA as we gear up for our General Assembly next week at McMaster! It’s our second GA of the year and, as always, we’ve got a great group of delegates attending (about 50 in total). Some delegates are attending their first ever GA, and some are coming back for more! We’ve even got a few delegates who will be attending their 5th General Assembly as a delegate – can you say it with me? Dedication!
One of OUSA’s key principles is that we are a student driven organization, and our General Assemblies are at the heart of this principle. Student representativ …read more