Press Release: Students Supportive of Ontario’s Investment in Campus Mental Health

“The Struggle Is Real”- But The Help Is, Too

University can be a great place to learn, grow, and flourish in ways we had never imagined. There are moments during which we will create experiences of a lifetime, and others that will make us want to congratulate good ol’ Murphy for knowing that everything that can go wrong will go wrong.
With a combination of academics, new relationships, and the crushing expectations we place on ourselves, one truth stands: it is incredibly difficult to handle these feelings alone. Yes, for a lack of better words, the struggle is real. Stress is inevitable and will demand to be felt, but it’s …read more

This version of our newly renamed “Student Mobility and Credit Transfer Pathways” paper reflects OUSA’s desire for a flexible, efficient postsecondary education system that provides students with the options they need succeed in higher learning.
Student mobility, the extent to which a student can move between programs and schools, is a critical aspect of our postsecondary landscape. When mobility is low – that is, when students are forced to duplicate prior learning, or when credit transfer requirements are murky – it introduces extra costs to students and taxpayers alike. Provin …read more

At our recent General Assembly, OUSA delegates revised and approved our policy paper on university Accountability. This paper addresses core duties and responsibilities in the relationships between students, universities, and the public, so it is important to ensure our policies stay responsive to changes in funding realities and strategic priorities.
In essence, this paper presents OUSA’s view regarding for what, to whom, and how universities should be held accountable. As students’ tuition dollars continue to fund an increasing share of institutions’ operating budgets (tuition has rece …read more

Our new policy on Student Health and Wellness provides insight on student priorities to provincial government and institutional stakeholders. We offer recommendations on Health Promotion, the structure of Campus Wellness Centres, youth Mental Health, Athletics and Recreation, Nutrition, Access to Care for Marginalized Groups, Campus Security and Safety, and Sexual Violence on campus. The ratification of this policy broadens our organizational stance beyond physical and clinical health concerns and applies to the whole campus environment. We want to ensure that students are well taken care of d …read more