Introducing Callum Robertson, VP of University Affairs at Queen's University

Hi there!

My name is Callum Robertson, and I’m the Vice President of University Affairs for the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University. I’m currently completing my Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Studies with a minor in Computer Science (an unconventional combo, I’m aware haha). I’m incredibly excited to be a part of the 2022/2023 Steering Committee and am looking forward to being a part of the amazing work being done at OUSA!

I come from the small community of South Glengarry, Ontario, which is situated on the eastern border of Ontario and Quebec. I grew up playing soccer and hockey in the community, and spent many years taking part in student government programs such as the Page Program at Queen’s Park in Toronto, the Ontario Model Parliament program, and other academic groups. When I moved into post-secondary education, my experiences in governance and politics followed me as I became heavily involved in student government at Queen’s, which ultimately has led me here to OUSA. I’ve spent time working in a number of roles at Queen’s, including work in governance / policy for faculty societies, housing advocacy, and political clubs on campus (can you sense a theme here?). While my degree and extracurriculars have mostly focused on politics, I’ve always been interested in the larger advocacy work being done by the students around me, and in my new role as VPUA for the Alma Mater Society, I’m proud to continue this advocacy work in service to all undergraduate students at Queen’s. 

I first got involved in OUSA in the last academic year, taking part in our 2022 Spring General Assembly. As a delegate for the AMS, I was overtaken by the passion and focus shown by other delegates surrounding the issues that face students on our many university campuses: housing, tuition and financial aid, and equity among others. I’ve long believed in the power of a united voice, and with my previous experiences in deliberative bodies at Queen’s where these voices came together, I knew that OUSA would be a great fit for my goals. As student leaders, we’re called upon not just to support our fellow students, but to stand up for them when institutions and organizations are not listening to their needs. Seeing the incredible incoming Steering Committee members around me, I know that we will accomplish some great things in the 2022/2023 year.

As we enter into what I hope to be a relatively normal, in-person academic year, I’m excited for the possibilities ahead. We as student leaders have many goals and ideas, but we must remain committed in our fight to improve the university experience for undergraduate students in Ontario and across Canada. I’m looking forward to the work ahead of us at OUSA this year, and as we begin to see what the new post-COVID university experience brings us, I’m excited to be on this journey with the rest of the Steering Committee. 

As we say at Queen’s, “Cha Gheill!”.

Callum Robertson

VPUA, Alma Mater Society