“Millennials”: A limiting stereotype

Separating people of different ages into “generations” is something I have never really understood. Titles such as “Baby Boomer” or “Generations X and Y” have become common colloquialisms. These loaded terms are often relied on when praising, critiquing, or homogenizing lived experiences based on age. Ever since my introduction into student leadership I have heard many positive things about students within our communities; “generation of the future” is one common phrase in academic settings. I think it is true in temporal progression as well as in responsibility. But throug …read more

“Much of the current state of troubled relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians is attributable to educational institutions and what they have taught, or failed to teach, over many generations. Despite that history, or, perhaps more correctly, because of its potential, the Commission believes that education is also the key to reconciliation. Educating Canadians for reconciliation involves not only schools and post-secondary institutions, but also dialogue forums and public history institutions such as museums and archives. Education must remedy the gaps in historical kno …read more

“What’s the hardest question we could ask you right now?”
I remember sitting at that interview table, in a very nice house, at the end of Sterling Street in Hamilton. I felt confident and prepared, like I knew the answer. Thinking back to what I said at the time, I can now think of a new answer to indulge in – and maybe that’s the point. What happens when our plans don’t exactly work out the way we envisioned?
In my last blog, I introduced my experiences surrounding the topic of mentorship. A huge part of my mentoring experiences included exposure to new academic and social areas, …read more

In a climate with strained university budgets, a dichotomy is often formed between teaching and research, with these two priorities pitted against each other and portrayed as in direct conflict. While there is undoubtedly a struggle in finding an appropriate balance for university faculty to divide their time between teaching and research capacities – particularly at U15 schools – undergraduate research can bridge this divide between university priorities.
Many universities are home to world-class faculty conducting ground-breaking research, but these are often professors inaccessible to s …read more