Last month, OUSA delegates at McMaster University passed our new policy paper on LGBTQ+ students. Though other OUSA policies recognize and discuss the barriers and challenges facing LGBTQ+ students (for example, our Health and Wellness Paper and our Comprehensive Access Strategy Paper), this last general assembly marked the first time the topic was introduced into our library as its own full policy paper.We are very excited to have standing policy on this topic on which to advocate. Students who identify as LGBTQ+ face barriers and discrimination, and it is incumbent on everyone to do their part to combat homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination that unfortunately persist to this day.

Beginning in the autumn of 2014, OUSA began an extensive process of consultation and research, hoping to assemble a wealth of information about the experiences, opinions, and satisfaction levels among university students who identify as LGBTQ+ here in Ontario. We conducted focus groups with students, interviews with service providers, and built on these results to launch an online survey that received over 300 responses. Given the sensitive nature of policy surrounding marginalized communities, we are very happy to have received such positive and valuable results. The data and trends that arose out of our analysis became the bedrock for our new policy paper. Driven directly by student voices, OUSA is proud to introduce our policy on LGBTQ+ Students, which focuses on policy solutions that can increase the visibility and reach of Queer communities and, hopefully, make the Ontario campus climate more inclusive and respectful for all students, irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

To read the LGBTQ+ Policy Paper brief, click here .

To read the LGBTQ+ Policy Paper in full, click here .

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